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Dementia and Your Arisone Caregiver

Dementia—loss of memory— gradually these losses take over the life of someone you love. Family and

friends, soon find themselves in a world of their own pain, grief and loss. The onset of Dementia requires

a special caregiver.

A caregiver who is intuitive
One suffering from dementia may not be able to tell you what he or she needs. One proactive step from the caregiver, can change hours of stress and discomfort into something manageable. 

A caregiver who is empathic and understanding

A caregiver helps your loved one feel safe by developing a trusting relationship. By helping this trusting relationship grow, your loved one and your caregiver will enjoy every moment, even when challenges arise.

A caregiver who is trained in dementia

The caregiver who is trained in dementia, has the tools to navigate the service plan and also manage different Behavioral Disturbances and Psychological Symptoms that are common in dementia, like delusions, hallucinations, agitation, apathy and aberrant motor activity, etc.

If you are facing the complexities of dementia, please don´t hesitate to reach out to us.