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A Message From the Founder ​

Thanks for looking at Arisone.  What you will see in these pages, is a result of my lifelong passion—providing a broad spectrum of precisely focused care on you, in your home, when your precious routines have been significantly altered by infirmity, injury or that wide, wide range of eventualities growing out of just living a long time.

So, please take a good look at what is prepared for you. I hope you will be able to start and even finish your search, for the kind of information, guidance, and structure, that we offer./ CEO Anna Nadmyr



Our Caregiver Sharon

My experiences with Sharon Mertel, as my mom's caregiver, were exemplary. Sharon was patient and concerned, and she and my mother, who had Alzheimer’s, became good friends. My mom trusted Sharon implicitly and welcomed her into the family with open arms. My mother enjoyed their outdoor excursions, especially shopping. That was always one of her favorite things to do. And Sharon went above an beyond our expectations by giving her foot massages, taking her to get her hair done, and accompanying us for her health evaluations. Sharon's support also extended to the family, although she made it very clear that her primary concern was ensuring her client's welfare. Because of her, I was able to work as a substitute teacher and take personal time out of my busy schedule to reenergize. Sharon will be greatly missed. /Cynthia Revels  (Sharon worked until the day client passed away.) 

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