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About Your Caregiver

Competency is of our highest priority. We highly regard our most up to date and complete competency training. We have intensive E-Learning and In-Person training as well as CPR certification for our staff.

We train our caregivers to ensure you, that our relationship remains

-in strict compliance with the highest ethical standards
-in strict compliance with laws protecting your confidentiality
-in strict compliance with local, country, state and federal regulations

Arisone manages its caregivers with a zero-tolerance policy to drugs and has thoroughly checked their background through CBI. 

Arisone has also taken steps to review and evaluate their references and we teach them, how important “respect, honor and safety” is to your care.

At every shift, the caregiver provides accurate and timely reporting of service notes about the care electronically, which you can review by getting access to Arisone Doc. We know how important it is to you to be a cognizant part of the care.

Continuity is one of the most important part of good care. Therefore, we have developed an organizational structure, so you will be assigned to one or just a few caregivers. We understand how frustrating it can be with a “revolving door”.

You will always be introduced to your caregiver, together with the Manager.